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LAWGEM – Master Study Program Law and Gender, University of Belgrade

Novità dall’estero - Redazione - 14 Giugno 2024

Pravni fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu / University of Belgrade Faculty of Law is proud to announce new Master study program in English “Law and Gender” (LAWGEM)

➡️ Master program is open for enrolment to Serbian and foreign students with bachelor’s degree in law, social sciences-humanities, management and business

➡️ This master program will offer:

✅ Innovative, multi-disciplinary approach to studying, providing gender mainstreaming in all relevant fields of law
✅ innovative teaching methods (debates, case studies, open book exams, seminars, legal clinic, etc.) and materials (life-long learning platform, and gender competent books)
✅ broad list of gender competent mandatory and election courses
✅ Gender Equality Legal Clinic

➡️ Outcomes:

✅ Ability to reconsider the fields of law, politics, economy, public policies, media, culture, management, education from the point of gender equality;
✅ Ability to solve practical problems and further improve the performance of tasks in the process of gender mainstreaming of all relevant legal professions, public policies, public and private sector, international and national institutions and authorities, business corporations, family law issues, labor law issues, etc;
✅ Ability of independent and critical reconsideration of all legal and multidisciplinary issues and concepts of legal knowledge from gender equality perspective;

🎓 Students will be awarded with academic title “Master of Laws in Law and Gender” (LLM)

For more information about the program:
✉️ you can write an email to:
🌐 check master’s program website:


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