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European equality law review – n. 2/2022

Materiali - Redazione - 20 Luglio 2023


Introduction on the state of play

Members of the European network of legal experts in gender equality and non-discrimination

The EU pay transparency proposed directive – general overview and some comments on the rules on enforcement and sanctions

Laura Carlson

Intersectionality from critique to practice: Towards an intersectional discrimination test in the context of ‘neutral dress codes’

Raphaële Xenidis

Safeguards and redress for victimisation: Examples from Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland

Margarita S. Ilieva – András Kádár

Formal and informal mediation of discrimination complaints: A comparison of the legal framework and practice of Austria, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal in discrimination cases

Cathérine Van de Graaf

European case law update

Court of Justice of the European Union

European Court of Human Rights

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N. 2/2022

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